Welcome To One Acre Homestead!

Do you wish to be self-sufficient, but you don’t know if you’ll ever own enough land to start a homestead?

Here at Oneacrehomestead.net we will be developing just that, a smaller modern homestead for self-sufficiency and financial independence. Come follow along as our one income family of 5, produces their own food on a one acre lot. Our family will prove that “self-sufficiency really is possible on one acre of land”

“Self-sufficiency” is used in a way of  being more financially independent and able to produce sustainable food production. With the economy being what it is and only getting worse many families like ours need to start growing and maintaining our own organic food supplies, and not rely on the very expensive and increasing in cost everyday local market and government. Which in many homes in just unaffordable anymore!

Oneacrehomestead.net will show you how to plant, grow and preserve the majority of the homestead’s foods. Instead of investing in expensive and very large livestock, we will be raising poultry, rabbit, duck and goat. We will forest garden, grow trees, hunt and barter.  Homesteading does not always have to provide 100% of everything that is needed to survive but you will need to know your zone and what can be produced to maximize your needs, for at least one years worth until you can harvest and replenish your supply.

Many will have different ways of producing a self-sufficient homestead, and no two – one acre homestead will follow the same plan, method or even agree 100% on how to do things. But the most important thing is that you can do it!  You can grow, harvest and preserve fresh organic food for you and your family.